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Duirinish, Skye, May 2012

Morning light at Lorgill

The weather forecast  for the west of Scotland was to be sunny and warm with relatively light easterly winds; perfect for the dramatic west side of Skye.   We launched from Harlosh in Loch Bracadale and paddled around Idrigill Point and headed north betwen the Macleod’s Maidens, towards Lorgill Bay on the west side of Duirinish.

We paddled under the towering cliffs of Hoe Rape to Ramasaig Bay, before returning to camp at Lorgill Bay.  Lorgill was home to 10 families until they were evicted on 4 August 1830 to make way for sheep as part of the Highland Clearances.  The floor of the now deserted glen is scattered with black-house ruins.  The lower slopes were carpeted with the over-sized emerald-green ridge and furrows of the now redundant lazy-bed field patterns.  The glen which was once a thriving community is now occupied by ewes and their lambs, with their regularly reciprocal bleating to reassure each of the other’s position.  Spending the night somewhere allows you to experience the changing moods of a place; the changing light, the ebb and flood of the tide and the way wildlife responds.

The Sunday morning was crisp and sunny.  It was going to be a warm day (for Scotland).  On our way home, we stopped for lunch at Camus na h- Uamba, with a sea eagle soaring overhead.  It was now so hot I went for a swim and we both practiced our roll.  The water in late spring was still cold!   As we left our sunny wee cove after lunch, a north-east breeze had started and by the time we arrived back at the van it was a force 4.  The weather window was rapidly closing, with strong winds forecast for later that evening.  For once, the best weather had coincided with the weekend.

Waiting for the Inshore Forecast on Cnoc Fuar looking towards the hills of South Uist

Breakfast at Lorgill Bay

Lunch at Camas na h-Uamba

Heading home towards the Black Cuillin and MacLeod’s Maidens

2 Responses to “Duirinish, Skye, May 2012”

  1. alienheartbeat

    Looks like a v. pleasant journey, though I am not a kayak man myself. but it looks like it would have been worth it for the overnight camp spot.



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