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Lismore 2008

At the mouth of Loch Linnhe, where it meets the Sound of Mull and the Firth of Lorne, lies the magical limestone island of Lismore.

We arrived at Port Appin on the Friday night to catch last orders at the pub.  We were meeting others from Tayside Sea Kayak Club on the Saturday morning to paddle around Lismore.  After the short crossing to Lismore, we paddled south down the Lynn of Lorn with the tide and a force 3/4 behind us before rounding the southern tip and finding somewhere to camp.   Debbie would have been disappointed to have missed the Eurovision Song Contest, so we had to improvise.

On the Saturday night the wind picked up to a force 6 and we hoped it would abate by morning.  By Sunday morning the wind was down to a force 4, but the sea remained agitated.  We would have to work against both the tide and the wind to get back to the cars.  After rounding the northern end of Lismore, all that was left was a playfull ferry-glide across the south going tide in the Lynn of Lorn.


Heading south through the Lynn of Lorn

Rounding the southern tip of Lismore

Rounding the southern tip of Lismore



Castle Coffin, Lismore


Eurovision Song Contest 2008


Wind and tide together

Against the wind and tide, north-west Lismore

Against the wind and tide, north-west Lismore

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